The Haven Chronicles Needs Your Help!

Hello Everyone!

Due to finanical issues in my personal life, The Haven Chronicles has hit a small snag — namely we are just under $50/USD short of being able to continue the project month to month. We have enough money to continue running the website (In Theory) but due to a recent job loss on my end, we don’t have enough money to continue renting the software used to edit the show.

So we’re asking you, our loyal fans, to help us out in any way shape or form — hell, if you could donate a penny via the internet, I would take that.

How can you help?

There are two ways you can do that; you can either support us on patreon, or donate to our paypal account.
You can find links to either of those options here

What you’ll get in return

For this the next week, anybody who backs the show will be given a shout out at the end of the episode. Plus my undying gratitude and the continuation of The Haven Chronicles.
We really need your help guys.