Voice Actors

The most important people to the project. those who lend to its voice and allow it to be what it is. In no particular order.

Robert Loria - Hartman
Robert Loria - Voice of Hartman
Dan Gold - Voice of Oatman
Voice of "Lucas"
Nicholas Miller - Voice of Lucas
Karen Cassandra Cenon - ERIS
Karen Cassandra Cenon - Voice of ERIS
Brandon Fields - Voice of Woods
Stanley Swanson - Gagnon
Stanley Swanson - Voice of Gagnon
Stephanie Polanco- Voice of Pvt. Taylor

Jeriko Lim - Specialist Lee

Better known as “Kenkoy” is an online voice actress since November 3, 2016. While starting voice over work later in her career compared to her fellow peers, Jeriko Lim is slowly making her mark in the VO world from video sketches/fan dubbed content on YouTube, fan made games, and original projects. Her more prominent voice roles include Undertale Determination: Dubbed created by geek2games as Frisk/Narrator and Kindness, From the Ashes: Destiny 2 Machinima created by TempestKnight 16 as Robyn Shepard (Season 1, Episode 8 – onwards), and her most recent role as Jenn Hail in Radian-Helix Medias’ Fallout: New California Game Mod. Jeriko would like to thank the team behind The Haven Chronicles for having her on board the project and hopes every listener out there enjoys series!

Tori Robnson-Richardson  - EVA
Tori Robinson-Richardson - Voice of Eva

Jacob Eccles - Sergeant Bordon

Philip Kidd - Voice of Lighthall
Shane Mitchell - Voice of Chaser
Andrew Laing - Voice of "Eckelstein"
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Karim Kronfli - Voice Of Barkley

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James Oliva - Voice of "Rat"/Various

Currently the voice of Michael Tate on popular audio podcast drama Greater Boston and has also had guest appearances on ars Paradoxica, the Wanderers and Radiation World. He was a finalist for an 2016 Audio Verse Award in the category of Best Performance of an Actor in an Original Ensemble Role for a Long Form Production. James also has his own podcast drama that he has written and directed called What’s The Frequency?

Katherine Laura Sokolowski - Voice of "Elizabeth"

Previous Actors

Emily Jenkins - Voice of Chelsea (Season 1)
Ashley McConnaughy - Voice of Specialist Lee



Patrick Pierson - Writer, Director, Editor, Producer


Jason Pierson - Music from Episode 5 and onward