Voice Actors

The most important people to the project. those who lend to its voice and allow it to be what it is. In no particular order.

Robert Loria - Hartman
Robert Loria - Voice of Hartman
Dan Gold - Voice of Oatman
Voice of "Lucas"
Nicholas Miller - Voice of Lucas
Karen Cassandra Cenon - ERIS
Karen Cassandra Cenon - Voice of ERIS
Brandon Fields - Voice of Woods
Stanley Swanson - Gagnon
Stanley Swanson - Voice of Gagnon
Stephanie Polanco- Voice of Pvt. Taylor
Ashley McConnaughy - Voice of Specialist Lee
Tori Robnson-Richardson  - EVA
Tori Robinson-Richardson - Voice of Eva
Emily Jenkins - Voice of Chelsea (Season 1)
Philip Kidd - Voice of Lighthall
Shane Mitchell - Voice of Chaser
Andrew Laing - Voice of "Eckelstein"
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Karim Kronfli - Voice Of Barkley

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James Oliva - Voice of "Rat"/Various

Currently the voice of Michael Tate on popular audio podcast drama Greater Boston and has also had guest appearances on ars Paradoxica, the Wanderers and Radiation World. He was a finalist for an 2016 Audio Verse Award in the category of Best Performance of an Actor in an Original Ensemble Role for a Long Form Production. James also has his own podcast drama that he has written and directed called What’s The Frequency?

Katherine Laura Sokolowski - Voice of "Elizabeth"



Patrick Pierson - Writer, Director, Editor, Producer


Jason Pierson - Music from Episode 5 and onward